🎉 Welcome to the most glamorous make up contest of the year,” BHARAT SHRINGAAR” – where talent meets creativity and knows no bounds! LOOKS SCHOOL OF HAIR & BEAUTY PUNE is thrilled to be the host for this dazzling extravaganza that spans across the vibrant landscape of India. Before we dive into the world of makeup artistry, let’s go through the terms and conditions to ensure a fair and fabulous competition for all:

Terms and Conditions:


The competition is open to all residents of India who are 18 years old and above.


Participants must register for the competition through the official website.

Registration charges is 3000/- inclusive of all taxes. The amount is non refundable also no extra registration charges for further rounds will be levied.

Submission Guidelines:

Each participant can submit only one entry.

Participants must ensure that the photos they upload are original works created by them.

Any form of plagiarism or unauthorized use of third-party content will result in disqualification.

Uploaded photos must be of high resolution to ensure clarity and detail.

Blurry, pixelated, or low-quality images may not be considered for judging.

Uploaded photos must not contain any watermarks, logos, or identifying marks that could reveal the participant’s identity.

This ensures impartial judging.

Photos must not be heavily edited or filtered to alter the appearance of the makeup.

Minor adjustments for brightness, contrast, and colour balance are acceptable, but the integrity of the makeup look must remain intact.

Participants should ensure that the makeup look is well-lit and clearly presented in the photos.

Backgrounds should be simple and non-distracting to highlight the makeup. Plain background is highly appreciated

Photos must adhere to the guidelines of decency and appropriateness.

Any content deemed offensive, explicit, or inappropriate will be disqualified.

Participants must ensure that they have the necessary permissions to use any props, accessories, or models featured in the photos.

Photos must be uploaded before the specified deadline to be considered for judging.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Uploaded photos must adhere to all other rules and regulations outlined in the competition guidelines.

The organizers reserve the right to remove any uploaded photos that violate the terms and conditions or are deemed inappropriate. Disqualification may occur without prior notice.

By uploading photos for the Online Makeup Competition, participants agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Let your creativity shine through your photos, and may the best makeup looks dazzle the judges!


Each round of the competition will have a specific theme announced beforehand.

Participants must adhere to the theme in their makeup creation.

Judging Criteria:


A panel of experienced makeup artists and industry professionals will evaluate the entries.

Judges’ decisions will be final and binding.

Rights and Permissions:

By participating in the competition, participants grant permission for their submitted photos to be used for promotional purposes by the organizers.

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any entry that violates the terms and conditions or is deemed inappropriate.

Code of Conduct:

Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner.

Any form of cheating, plagiarism, or unethical behaviour will result in immediate disqualification.

Dispute Resolution:

Any disputes arising during the course of the competition will be resolved by the organizers, and their decision will be final.

Modification of Terms:

The organizers reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the competition at any time, with or without prior notice.

Legal Compliance:

This competition is subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

By participating in the Online Makeup Competition, contestants agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Let the creativity flow, and may the best makeup artist win! 💄✨